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Dental Care Doesn't Need to Be Expensive! How Preventive Care Saves Money

Nowadays, our lives are busier than ever. Visiting the dentist twice each year for examinations and cleanings is just another item on an already full to-do list. But have ever thought about the fact that going to the dentist regularly can actually save you money?It’s true. At the dentist, paying for preventive care is much less expensive than paying for procedures that are needed after things go wrong. If it’s been a while since your last visit to the dentist, there is no better time than today to make an appointment. Call your Charlotte, NC dentist at Harlow Dental—and start saving money now!Preventive Oral Healthcare StrategiesIn addition to visiting your ...

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7 Tips to Floss Your Teeth Like a Pro

Everyone knows they should floss daily, but the truth is that the vast majority of people are not regular flossers. Even if you are a diligent brusher, your toothbrush cannot reach the spaces in between teeth that dental floss can.Ask any top dentist in Charlotte, NC for proper flossing technique, and they are likely to share the steps below.Proper Flossing TechniqueDon’t worry about flossing too frequently. If you are experiencing tenderness when you do floss, it’s probably from flossing incorrectly. But because it takes plaque and bacteria about 24 hours to form between teeth, it’s only necessary to floss once a day. If, however, you feel food particles stuck between ...

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Choosing Healthier Drinks: A Checklist

Everyone knows that candy and sugary treats are bad for your teeth. But most people don’t realize how bad some beverages can be for your oral health.If you want to keep your mouth healthy, your Charlotte, NC will likely agree that it is probably best to avoid these five drinks:Soda. Not only do sodas contain cavity-causing sugar but acids are also present that can weaken the tooth’s protective enamel.Sports drinks. Although often touted as “healthy,” sports drinks are usually loaded with the same sugar and acids that sodas are.Tea. Tea can be a very soothing drink for the soul but it can stain your teeth. Black tea and other dark ...

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Pain, Swelling, and Other Signs That Point to a Dental Emergency

One of the best ways to avoid most dental emergencies is to visit your dentist regularly. That said, sometimes emergencies still happen, and you need to get in to see a top dentist in Charlotte right away. How do you know what constitutes a dental emergency? Let’s take a look at some of the signs that mean you need to get to the dentist right away.Knocked-Out or Damaged ToothIf you have suffered a trauma that has knocked out your tooth, you need to get into the dentist as soon as possible. In some cases, a tooth can be re-implanted. Treat the knocked-out tooth carefully, touching it only at the crown ...

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When It's Time to Treat a Mouth Ulcer

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If you’ve ever developed a painful white sore in your mouth, you are familiar with canker sores. Also known as aphthous ulcers, these mouth sores are a bit of a mystery. There is no certain reason why some people develop them, but some believe they could be related to stress or injury to the mouth’s soft tissues. Others believe they are caused by eating acidic foods or from nutritional deficiencies.Regardless of why you develop a mouth sore, how do you know if you should seek treatment for it? Let’s take a look at mouth sores and when you might want to seek the help of our Charlotte, NC dentist for ...

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