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Can Invisalign Do More Than Straighten My Teeth?

June 18, 2021
Posted By: Dr. Justin Harlow
woman putting on invisalign in charlotte nc

Invisalign in Uptown Charlotte is a discreet orthodontic system that straightens teeth over a predetermined period of time—typically within several months or up to two years.

However, orthodontics is about more than straight teeth. Invisalign also promotes better oral health.

How Invisalign Improves Oral Health

Straight teeth are healthier teeth for several reasons. First, an aligned bite reduces wear on teeth by providing a uniform bite surface across your smile. When teeth are crooked, specific teeth are taxed with all the chewing, which leads to this wear. Eventually, tooth wear can mean cavities, sensitivity, and even fractures.  

Aligned teeth are also easier to take care of with your toothbrush and dental floss. When teeth are overcrowded, it can be difficult to pull your floss through safely and effectively. Very crowded teeth may even be impossible to floss. Additionally, crooked teeth allow for nooks and hidden places where bacteria can collect—areas that your toothbrush can’t reach.

How Invisalign Improves Smile Aesthetics

Of course, Invisalign can give you the smile you’ve always wanted by correcting bite issues and bringing teeth in line. You’ll feel confident when you smile, and you’ll no longer cover your mouth when you laugh!

Following Invisalign Treatment in Uptown Charlotte

Invisalign is made up of clear aligners that you wear for approximately 22 hours each day. You remove your aligners for meals and to clean your teeth. When you have finished your supply, your treatment is complete.

After therapy with Invisalign, we provide a custom retainer to keep your teeth in their new, straight positions.

For Invisalign, Contact Your Dentist Near Me Today

It all starts with a comprehensive evaluation in our dental office. Your Uptown Charlotte dentist will let you know whether Invisalign is the right option for you. We will also discuss the cost and your treatment timeline.

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