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Protecting Your Smile with Dental Bridges

July 16, 2019
Posted By: Dr. H. Justin Harlow, D.D.S.
Dental Bridges | Harlow Dental | Charlotte, NC

If you have missing teeth in your smile that you want to replace, you have several restorative dental options to choose from. One option that we offer at our Charlotte, NC dental office is dental bridges.

Dental bridges are a good choice for dental patients who are missing several teeth and want to fill in the gap left behind. Just as a bridge in nature helps connect two different pieces of land, a dental bridge in the mouth connects multiple teeth and covers up the space in between.

It is important to replace your missing teeth to prevent additional dental problems such as loose teeth and TMJ down the road. If you need dental bridges in Charlotte, NC, our team at Harlow Dental can help!

Providing Structure and Support

Dental bridges can help protect your smile in a number of ways. Most notably, dental bridges help keep your remaining teeth in place and prevent them from shifting and moving out of position. As your dental bridge protects your remaining teeth, it also helps you maintain your facial structure and prevents your jaw from appearing “sunken” due to bone loss. Additionally, dental bridges help restore function to your bite, allowing you to eat and speak more normally than you could without the bridge.

Easy Attachment in Your Mouth

If you are considering dental bridges in Charlotte, NC, you may be wondering how exactly bridges work. Dental bridges attach easily and conveniently to either your existing, natural teeth or to artificial dental implants.

Dental bridges are anchored to dental crowns so that the bridge remains secure in the mouth. If you require dental implants for your dental bridge to attach to, our office can also provide this treatment. Once a dental bridge is in your mouth, you should be able to function as normal!

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Our dental bridges in Charlotte, NC can help you get your smile back after losing teeth. When you are ready to speak with Dr. Harlow about your dental bridge, call our front desk at (704) 764-0060.

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