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When It's Time to Treat a Mouth Ulcer

September 28, 2017
Posted By: Dr. H. Justin Harlow, DDS
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If you’ve ever developed a painful white sore in your mouth, you are familiar with canker sores. Also known as aphthous ulcers, these mouth sores are a bit of a mystery. There is no certain reason why some people develop them, but some believe they could be related to stress or injury to the mouth’s soft tissues. Others believe they are caused by eating acidic foods or from nutritional deficiencies.

Regardless of why you develop a mouth sore, how do you know if you should seek treatment for it? Let’s take a look at mouth sores and when you might want to seek the help of our Charlotte, NC dentist for them.

Canker Sores

Canker sores are often more irritating than painful. They can develop on the inner cheeks or lips, or on the tongue or roof of the mouth. These eruptions are generally not contagious.

For the most part, you simply have to wait for a canker sore to run its course. This might take a week or even two.

If the canker sore is really bothering you, however, you can give your dentist a call and go in for an oral examination. You can also try icing it to obtain some relief. A wet tea bag (black tea) can also provide some pain relief.

Cold Sores

Another type of mouth sore is a cold sore, which is a small cluster of blisters that morph into a larger sore on the lip. These highly contagious mouth ulcers are caused by the herpes simplex virus. You may need to get a prescription antiviral medication to treat this type of mouth sore.

Call Harlow Dental With Any Concerns

As always, when you are concerned about something going on in your mouth, give your Charlotte, NC dentist a call. Dr. Justin Harlow looks forward to seeing you!

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