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What and How to Eat When You Have Dental Pain

August 7, 2020
Posted By: Harlow Dental
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If you have tooth soreness following a new tooth extraction, for example, it is essential to indulge in a soft diet for a day or two following your oral surgery. Attempting to chew can lead to increased bleeding and pain.

Of course, you should apply gauze to help with bleeding and rest in an upright position, but eating a soft diet is also crucial to your recovery.

Reason You May Need an Extraction

You may need a tooth extraction in Charlotte for any of the following reasons:

  • Severe decay or trauma
  • Before dentures
  • Before orthodontics
  • Wisdom teeth complications

In the event of decay or trauma, talk to your Charlotte dentist about tooth replacement options.

A Soft Diet Following Oral Surgery

Your dentist provides gentle tooth extractions and more detailed instructions following your surgery, but in general, you’ll want to stick to a soft diet for a bit, which may include mashed potatoes, soup, yogurt, smoothies, etc.

It’s also important to avoid hot foods until your numbing agent wears off. If you eat hot soup when your mouth is numb, you may burn your tongue or gums. You should also avoid using sharp utensils while numb—a spoon is better than a fork.

If you drink any liquid, it should be cool or room temperature until the anesthesia has worn off. And avoid drinking through a straw or smoking for at least two days following surgery.

Other Dental Treatments that May Benefit from a Soft Diet

If you have residual soreness for a day or two following dental implant placement or a root canal, a soft diet may also promote faster healing and reduce bleeding in the former.

For Tooth Extraction in Charlotte, NC, Contact a Team Member

If you have any questions, or if you notice ongoing numbness or prolonged bleeding following your extraction, we encourage you to reach out to our dental team immediately.

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