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How to Protect Your Kids’ Teeth from Sports Injuries

April 2, 2021
Posted By: Harlow Dental
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As a parent, you want nothing more than to protect your children—no matter what! As your children grow and become involved in hobbies and activities of their own, it’s important to keep protecting them in whatever ways you can.

A popular pastime for children of all ages is sports, and the odds are that at least one of your children will play at least one sport during their youth. As fun as sports are, they also have a bit of a reputation for being dangerous and leading to all sorts of injuries.

The best way to prevent these injuries is to make sure your child is protected and properly covered before playing a sport—and that includes their smile! 

Preventing Sports Injuries With Mouth Guards

Custom mouth guards for children are a reliable—yet often overlooked—defense against athletic injuries. When your child plays a sport, particularly if it’s a contact sport such as football or hockey, you’ll want to make sure their teeth stay snugly covered under a well-fitting mouth guard. 

Your Charlotte dentist can help you protect your kids’ teeth from sports injuries by designing an athletic mouth guard personalized just for them. While it’s true you can purchase a basic oral appliance from your local drugstore, these one-size-fits-all guards do not offer the level of protection your child’s smile needs. Because they often don’t fit tightly enough around each unique smile, these devices are prone to moving around and slipping off your child’s teeth when they need protection the most. 

A custom mouth guard will:

  • Fit the unique shape and size of your child’s mouth
  • Thoroughly protect your child’s teeth from unwanted contact during sports 
  • Appeal to even a younger child with options to customize the color and add their name or even their team’s logo

Discover More About Children’s Mouth Guards in Charlotte

If you’re curious about purchasing a sports mouth protector for your young athlete, you can contact our Charlotte dentist at (704) 588-1515 or (704) 333-6010 to learn more!

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