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Harlow Dental Offers Family Dentistry in Uptown Charlotte, NC

January 16, 2021
Posted By: Dr. Justin Harlow
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A strong, healthy smile doesn’t happen all on its own. Maintaining excellent oral health requires consistent at-home care and regular checkups with your dentist. Poor oral hygiene can lead to painful and dangerous health conditions, such as oral cancer and heart disease. At Harlow Dental, we can help your family achieve a beautiful, healthy smile that will last a lifetime. 

Our Family-Focused Approach to Dentistry 

At Harlow Dental, we provide our patients with the education they need to maintain good oral health in a nurturing and family-focused atmosphere. We are very passionate about teaching our patients—especially children and teens—healthy oral habits they practice throughout their lives. As a part of our family-focused approach, we encourage parents to bring their children to the dentist as soon as their first teeth erupt. Not only does this ensure your child is healthy, but it also helps your family build a strong foundation for lifelong oral care. 

Dr. Harlow recommends that children visit the dentist twice each year. During each visit, Dr. Harlow will check for cavities, gently clean their teeth, and examine their bite to make sure their teeth and gums look and function as they should. To offer a more comfortable experience for your child, we encourage you to let them bring their favorite toy to their appointment. After their appointment, they can even choose a fun toothbrush or flavored toothpaste to use at home. When you bring your child to Harlow Dental, we promise to make their visit a fun and positive experience. 

We Provide Individualized, Compassionate Care 

Everyone has different oral health needs and smile goals, which is why every patient at Harlow Dental receives individualized, compassionate care. We value honesty and transparency so we encourage our patients to feel comfortable with asking us questions or voicing any concerns they may have about their oral health. 

Our team at Harlow Dental is dedicated to making sure our patients are relaxed and comfortable every time they walk through our doors. We take the time to sit with each and every patient so we can learn about their unique needs and concerns, as well as discuss their treatment options. 

Call Us to Schedule an Appointment 

Our team at Harlow Dental offers compassionate, high-quality oral health care to patients at every age and stage of life. With busy schedules and daily responsibilities, we understand that your dental health can fall by the wayside. Whether you require a teeth cleaning, restorative treatment, or an emergency root canal, we are here to assess and treat your family’s oral health concerns. 

To schedule an appointment, please call our Steele Park location at (704) 588-1515 or our 7th Street location at (704) 333-6010.

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