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The Good News about Modern Dentures: What You May Not Know

January 31, 2019
Posted By: Dr. H. Justin Harlow, DDS
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Dentures have evolved over the years, and today they are more comfortable than ever before. If you have missing teeth or need replacement dentures, our Charlotte, NC dental office is here to help.

Losing teeth is a sensitive issue. We totally understand!  But Harlow Dental holds no judgments. We simply want to help you achieve a beautiful smile and have the most modern and comfortable dentures available today.

The Denture Process

If you have never worn dentures before, the process begins with an assessment of your current health profile. This includes your oral and systemic health.

If our dentist feels you’re a good candidate for dentures, we take a mold of your mouth to create beautiful and customized dentures just for you.

If you have remaining teeth, you will be scheduled for dental extractions prior to removable denture placement. Sometimes, you can keep your remaining teeth and opt for a partial denture—an arch of life-like teeth that fit snugly between your natural teeth.

Additionally, you will not have to go without teeth while you’re waiting for your new denture. We can provide you with a natural-looking immediate denture following dental extractions.

Finally, you will be relaxed and comfortable during the dental extraction process.

Denture Options

Aside from modern dentures being comfortable and natural looking, some people don’t realize that our Charlotte, NC dentist can affix your new denture to your gums. In other words, we can provide a more permanent solution compared with removable dentures.

With affixed dentures, you’ll never have to worry about adhesives or slippage.

To reiterate today’s dentures are:

  • More natural looking
  • More comfortable
  • Better fitting

Contact Our Dental Office

If you need replacement dentures or are considering dentures for the first time, our caring staff is here to help you through the denture process. Contact Harlow Dental today to schedule your denture consultation. 

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