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Dental Crowns vs. Standard Fillings

April 13, 2022
Posted By: Harlow Dental
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If you have tooth decay or a damaged tooth, your Charlotte, NC, dentist will recommend a tooth-colored filling or a dental crown to restore it to health.

Most of us will get tooth decay at one time or another, and this issue is not exclusive to children. But with regular dental care and an excellent oral hygiene routine at home, you can significantly lower your risks.

How We Use Standard Fillings in Charlotte, NC

If you have a small to moderate cavity, your dentist numbs the area, removes the decay, and closes with a dental filling. Our dental fillings can be colored to match your teeth.

The same material we use to treat cavities can also conceal tooth flaws, chips, and discoloration through dental bonding.

We apply tooth-colored fillings in layers and then set the result before finishing with a polish.  

Tooth Crowns to Protect and Enhance

A tooth crown in Charlotte, NC, is a custom restoration. It is hollowed out to fit over an existing tooth and always shaped and colored to look like neighboring teeth.

Tooth crowns have multiple uses across dentistry. And we do use them on cavities if the tooth decay is significant and poses a threat to the tooth’s longevity and stability.

We also use tooth crowns to protect a damaged tooth or following a root canal treatment. The crown restores aesthetics and function without putting the underlying tooth at risk.

Other practical uses include support in tooth replacement—either anchoring a dental bridge to healthy teeth or capping a single dental crown.

In some cases, patients choose a dental crown to cover tooth flaws.

To Learn More, Give Us a Call

If you suspect a cavity or have a damaged tooth, it is essential to treat it before it worsens and causes pain or puts your oral health at risk.

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