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July 5, 2020
Posted By: Harlow Dental
dental crowns and bridges in charlotte nc

If you have missing teeth, you know that chewing and speaking can be tough. Smiling and laughing with friends can be embarrassing. Additionally, missing teeth may mean further dental complications in the future.

For these reasons, your dentist offers quality tooth replacement options, including dental bridges in Charlotte, NC.

Tooth Loss and Your Oral Health

When teeth are missing, your remaining teeth tilt or shift toward these convenient smile gaps. When this happens, your bite is no longer aligned, and this leads to wear on specific teeth. Wear leads to cavities and even tooth loss. Also, missing teeth means your jawbone deteriorates, leaving you with a sunken or aged appearance in the lower face.

Tooth replacement is crucial not only to your emotional well-being but also to the future of your oral health.

How a Dental Bridge Works

Our dental bridge is a restoration tooth or teeth situated between dental crowns. These crowns cap the healthy teeth to the left and right of your smile gap, allowing the prosthetic teeth to fill in the space.

Your dentist in Charlotte works hard to make sure your bridge complements your surrounding teeth in color and shape. The finished look will be a seamless smile—no one will notice that you have had work done.

Of course, your dentist evaluates your smile to make sure your supporting teeth are healthy enough to anchor a dental bridge. We make sure that a bridge is the best tooth replacement option for you.

Caring for Your Dental Bridge

With a dental bridge, you have to add only a few additional minutes to your oral care routine. Your dentist recommends a floss threader and small brush to keep debris away from the gumline.

It’s also important to visit your dentist regularly for dental exams and teeth cleanings to help prevent oral health complications like gum disease, which can cost you your smile and your new bridge.

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