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What makes dental implants the best tooth replacement option?

dental implants in charlotte ncNatural Looking Implants at Harlow Dental

The short answer to this question is that nothing comes as close to your natural teeth as a dental implant. Because the dental implant replaces the natural tooth root in the jawbone, these permanent tooth replacements look and function very much like the tooth it is replacing.

There are other benefits to dental implants:

  • Because the dental implant integrates with the jawbone, it protects you from bone loss. Without a dental implant to take the place of a missing tooth root, the jawbone will deteriorate because the body no longer sends nutrients to the area. This is why people who have their missing teeth replaced with dentures develop a “sunken-in” look to their face over time.
  • There are no eating restrictions with dental implants. You can chew all of your favorite crunchy vegetables and juicy steaks without worry. Unlike with dentures, which can move and shift, you will have no concerns about speaking and laughing either.
  • Dental implants are built to last a long time—a lifetime, for many people—with proper care. Caring for dental implants is no different than caring for your natural teeth: brush, floss, and see your dentist twice a year for cleanings and checkups.

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