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How can tooth-colored fillings benefit me?

tooth colored fillings in charlotte ncTooth-colored fillings possess many distinct advantages over traditional amalgam (silver) fillings.

The most obvious advantage—and the reason that Charlotte patients and cosmetic dentists love them over amalgam fillings–is that they are carefully shaded to match the rest of your natural tooth enamel precisely so that no one can ever tell the difference. This might be a benefit for patients who need to fill a highly visible cavity.

Cavities are holes in your tooth that need to be sealed in order to prevent harmful bacteria from entering and causing infection. Tooth-colored fillings fulfill and essential oral health functions in style.

White composite fillings don't require Dr. Harlow or Dr. Lester to prep your tooth as much as silver fillings. Amalgam fillings require a larger space in order to hold the filling in place. Resin fillings are pliable and can be applied to the tooth in layers until they are cured and hardened—at which point they bind with your enamel. This allows your cosmetic dentist to remove less of your natural tooth structure, keeping it secure and healthy. 

The Benefits of Composite Resin

Metal material tends to expand and contract due to changes in temperature, which can increase the risk of the filling becoming loose or falling out. 

Tooth-colored fillings look and feel natural, keep your natural tooth structure intact, and take less time to place. What's not to love?

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