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What is the process for tooth-colored fillings?

At Harlow Dental at Steele Creek, we want our patients to feel relaxed and comfortable during every dental procedure—from routine dental cleanings to cosmetic dental treatments

The Tooth-Colored Filling Process Is Simple and Reliablewoman with tooth colored fillings in charlotte nc

When it comes to cavities, Dr. Harlow and Dr. Lester take the proper steps to administer a local anesthetic to make sure that your tooth is numb, so you don't feel anything.

Once we've established that you're relaxed and cozy, we'll start by removing any infected or decayed parts of your tooth. Traditional metal or silver fillings typically require that we remove a more significant portion of your tooth, but composite resin's putty-like properties allow us to preserve more of your healthy tooth. 

Once your general dentist is satisfied that there are no harmful agents left behind in the tooth, we start the process of cleaning and sterilizing it. Tooth-colored fillings are applied in thin layers that are cured and hardened before we apply the next one. That way, we give the filling time to bond to the surface of your tooth and be held securely. 

After the area has been cleaned and sterilized, we'll start applying the filling in layers, curing each layer as it is applied. This allows the material to bond with your tooth, holding it in place securely and significantly reducing the risk of the filling falling out later. Once the process is complete, it's secured and bonded. We shade the white filling to match your existing teeth, so once we're done, you won't even be able to tell the difference!

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