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Will I feel pain with root canal therapy?

Root canals remove infection from a tooth’s inner pulp so that the tooth can function normally again. If you need a root canal in Steele Creek, NC, it means your tooth could be lost without treatment.woman after root canal therapy in charlotte nc

The good news is that most people find a root canal to feel similar to the process of getting a tooth filling. Root canals stop pain and sensitivity in teeth that are deeply decayed, infected, or have sustained trauma. Rather than having pain during or after the procedure, you’ll probably have less pain!

What Happens During a Root Canal Procedure

During the root canal procedure, your dentist will use a local anesthesia to numb the area around the affected tooth. You shouldn’t feel any pain during the procedure, but if you do, let your dentist know.

Next, your dentist will access the inner pulp of the tooth through a small hole in the top. Using special instruments, the dentist cleans out all bacteria and infected tissue and seals the tooth so that no more bacteria can enter. A dental crown completes the restoration and extends the life of your tooth for years to come.

Root Canal Procedures in Charlotte, NC

After your root canal, the tooth and gum tissues may be tender for a day or two, but over-the-counter medication will help. if you have any questions or concerns.

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