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How should I take care of my dental crown?

Care for Your Dental Crowns!

couple smiling with dental crowns in charlotte ncDental crowns are a prosthetic that Dr. Harlow might recommend for any of several reasons. Most commonly, we use crowns when too much of a tooth has been compromised to protect it with a filling.

Getting a dental crown in Charlotte, NC takes two to three weeks, from design to placement on your tooth. Properly cared for, a well-placed crown can give you ten years of service or more.

What does proper care for a dental crown involve?

  • Brush twice a day, floss once: Your crown can’t get a cavity, but the tooth beneath it can, and you can also develop gum disease.
  • Avoid foods that can damage your crown: The material we use for tooth crowns is very durable, but it’s not indestructible. Hard crusty bread, crunchy crackers, nuts, and popcorn are just a few foods you need to avoid when you have a crown.
  • Visit our dentist every six months: Your six-month dental exams and cleanings go a long way toward keeping your teeth and gums healthy. They also allow Dr. Harlow to check on the condition of dental work like crowns to make sure they’re stable and secure.

We’re pleased to custom-craft beautiful, durable dental crowns for our Charlotte, NC patients and follow it up with the support they need to keep their smiles healthy. Please call us to schedule your next dental appointment.

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