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How Modern Root Canals Have Changed for the Better

March 13, 2020
Posted By: Harlow Dental Family & Cosmetic Dentistry

Do you cringe at the thought of a root canal? Have you ever delayed treatment out of anxiety about the procedure? Do you wish there was an easier way to relieve your pain and save your infected tooth? 

Modern dentists understand these anxious feelings and in recent years, the procedure’s become so streamlined and comfortable that it truly isn’t any more complicated than having a tooth filled.

Leading-Edge Dental Technology

The purpose of a root canal is to relieve the pain of an infected or abscessed tooth and save it from extraction. To do this, your Charleston root canal dentist needs to access the inside of the tooth where the infection has developed. 

In the past, they accomplished this by using rigid steel files and manually cleaning out the root canal. If you ever had a root canal, you may remember the unpleasant vibration and sensations associated with this approach.

Today, many dentists use leading-edge rotary endodontics. Instead of files, this technology uses a flexible tip to get into the tiniest spaces of the canal and clean them efficiently, comfortably, and with none of the odd sensations of root canals performed using manual instruments. 

Calming Sedation Dentistry

There’s no reason to sit anxiously through another dental procedure. Sedation dentistry makes it possible for millions of people to get the dental care they need without stress or anxiety.

Nitrous oxide or laughing gas is a mild type of sedation that will calm you during your procedure but has no drowsy after-effects. You will remain fully conscious, but you’ll feel a pleasant sense of calmness and well-being. 

Comfortable Root Canals in Charlotte

With state-of-the-art technology to speed your procedure, comforting sedation with nitrous oxide, and the distraction of your favorite show on Netflix, you never have to fear another root canal again.

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