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Will my procedure hurt?

Woman getting dental x-ray | dentist pineville ncThis is a common question asked by many dental patients.

We know that it can be a bit scary to sit in the dentist's chair, unsure of exactly what to expect during treatment. We believe you will be pleasantly surprised by how comfortable you will be while you are here in our office.

We don’t want you to feel anxious while you are here, and that means we do what we can to ensure that your time in the dental chair is as free of stress and pain as possible. If you are getting a local anesthetic, for example, we will apply a numbing agent to your gums beforehand so you won’t feel it. We can also use nitrous oxide for patients who feel especially nervous.

These details will help ensure that you are comfortable during the entire procedure. You will hear some of the typical dental sounds and you might feel a bit of pressure depending on the procedure. That, along with the occasional spray of water, should be the only sensations you will experience.

We also believe that knowledge is power, so we are very clear on exactly what your treatment will entail so you know what to expect before you even sit in the dental chair. If you are looking for a dental cleaning and exam, give us a call.

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