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Brown Spots on Your Teeth? What Might Have Caused It and What We Can Do

August 17, 2018
Posted By: Dr. H. Justin Harlow, DDS
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It’s not uncommon to have brown spots on your teeth, particularly if you are a smoker. There can be other causes for brown spots as well, including diet, medications, genetics, illness, and poor oral hygiene. Some of these can be controlled; others can’t.

Regardless of the reason for the brown spots on your teeth, today’s cosmetic dentistry procedures mean there are solutions, and we invite you to find out more at our Charlotte practice.

Reasons for Brown Spots on Your Teeth—Other Than Smoking

Some of the most common reasons for brown spots include:

  • Decay. Often a cavity will present itself as a brown spot on the tooth.
  • Tartar. When plaque builds up on the teeth and is not removed, it will harden into a substance called tartar. You can often find tartar buildup between the teeth and gumline.
  • Fluorosis. This condition is caused by excessive fluoride intake, but it should be noted that it does not impact the health of the teeth affected.
  • Celiac disease. Often, people who have Celiac disease have poorly developed tooth enamel, including brown, white, or yellow spots.
  • High fever and trauma. Both of these can cause brown spots on the teeth.

What to Do About Brown Spots on Your Teeth

The best way to keep your teeth healthy and free of brown spots from decay and tartar is to see your dentist twice each year for examinations and cleanings. If you have a cavity, a tooth-colored filling will stop it from growing and will provide an esthetic treatment. Tartar buildup can only be removed by a dental professional using special tools.

Discolored spots that are the result of fluorosis and Celiac disease are permanent and impervious to teeth bleaching. Many people who have these spots opt for cosmetic treatments such as veneers. These wafer-thin tooth covers hide the brown spots, giving you a white and bright smile. Veneers can also mask other dental issues, such as spacing, misalignment, and gaps in the teeth.

Find Out More About Cosmetic Dentistry in Charlotte

If you have brown spots on your teeth or other cosmetic issues, give us a call! We believe everyone deserves a smile they love to show off!

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