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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): Extractions

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The entire team at Harlow Dental at Steele Creek believes firmly in the importance of patient education. We enjoy taking our time with every patient who sees us to ensure that questions are answered so you can enjoy the best oral health possible.

When you visit our dental office, we are always happy to answer your questions. Our goal is to teach you and your family members how to maintain optimal oral health and how to protect your smiles for life. After all, good oral health is a big part of staying in great overall health.

We hear a lot of the same questions repeated by our dental patients and have compiled a list of some of our most frequently asked questions for your convenience. We, of course, welcome any other questions or concerns you may have. And we are always willing to discuss those with you over the phone or during your next dental appointment.

At Harlow Dental, we encourage you to take advantage of our many years of dental experience. Feel free to ask us questions at any time! 


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Aftercare for a Pulled Tooth in Charlotte, NC

Having a tooth extracted in Charlotte, NC is a significant procedure, and you should plan to rest and relax for at least one day after it.

Post-operative care is vital immediately after having a tooth taken out. It is critical to keep firm pressure on the extraction site with gauze to control bleeding for at least the first 30-60 mins after the procedure.

It is normal to feel tender and have mild discomfort following tooth extraction; however, excruciating pain that doesn’t go away or bleeding that won’t stop is not normal, and you should contact Harlow Dental at Steele Creek right away. We’re here for you.

Do not eat crunchy, hot, or hard foods for the first 24 - 48 hours. Soft food the first day or two after a tooth extraction is best.  

Do not drink through a straw or smoke tobacco products. These actions can lead to the loss of a blood clot and a painful situation called dry socket.

Contact Our Charlotte NC Dental Office for Recovery Assistance

Charlotte, NC dentist, Dr. Justin Harlow is here to guide you through your tooth extraction procedure from start to finish, including your recovery process. Be sure to contact us if you are experiencing any problems following a tooth extraction!


dry socket charlotte nc When a tooth is removed in Charlotte, NC, bleeding occurs and eventually a clot forms to initiate healing. This blood clot is an essential part of the healing process, and if it is lost or the site becomes infected, no blood flows to the area leading to a dry socket.

Signs You May Have A Dry Socket

Other indications of dry socket are pus forming in the mouth, bad taste or bad odor. Dry socket can become very painful, and you may experience swelling and sleep loss.

Excessive rinsing or spitting, drinking through a straw, or smoking could all be causes of dry socket. It's essential to follow Dr. Harlow's post-operative instructions carefully, so you enjoy a smooth and comfortable recovery and avoid conditions like dry socket. 

When you go through a tooth extraction procedure, Dr. Harlow, your Charlotte, NC dentist, will review what to expect with you, and how to look for and prevent dry socket. If you do encounter a dry socket, it is essential to have it addressed quickly to avoid further infection. So it's crucial that you talk to a professional immediately. 

Contact Our Charlotte NC Office for Dry Socket Treatment

If you think you have a dry socket after an extraction, please call Harlow Dental at Steele Creek immediately at (704) 588-1515.

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